This contains final and preliminary decisions of the CCALAB from May 2004 (proclamation of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act) to the present.

The names of the parties involved in the appeal are generally included, however, personal identifiers of some witnesses or third parties may be removed to protect the privacy of children, youth and adults in care. Click here to view the Board’s Decision Publication Policy.

The official version of the CCALAB decision is the signed original in the Board’s files. If there is a discrepancy between a decision on our web site and the official version, the official version is authoritative. To obtain a copy of the official version or a decision of the Community Care Facility Appeal Board released prior to 2004, please contact the Board.

Note: These decisions have been converted to PDF. Any error in these decisions will be corrected as identified.

If you would like to see a summary of past decisions of the former Community Care Facility Appeal Board prior to May, 2004, view the decisions prior to 2004 page.