About the Board


Promoting Fair, Responsive and Accountable Administrative Decision Making in British Columbia.


The mission of the Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board (CCALAB) is to provide applicants, licensees, certificate holders and the public with reasonable access to a timely and responsive process for reviewing licensing and certification determinations that results in fair and impartial appeal decisions.


The CCALAB is an administrative tribunal that hears appeals under section 29 of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

The Board’s purpose is to provide a specialized, impartial, accessible and cost-effective forum for the hearing of appeals from licensing, regulation and certification decisions regarding community care and assisted living facilities and early childhood educators.

Decisions made under the Act must balance the need to ensure minimum standards of health and safety for those cared for in facilities and the need to ensure fair process for operators and educators.

The Board measures its performance and successes primarily according to the following key criteria:

  • Board staff see themselves as a critical part of the Board’s public service function;
  • Parties receive meaningful procedural assistance before the hearing;
  • Parties receive a fair, timely and efficient hearing as well as a decision which is lawful and reasoned; and,
  • The community of applicants, registrants, licencees and certificate holders understand their rights of appeal and regard the Board as a credible forum for the resolution of their grievances.