Rules and Practice Directives


The Administrative Tribunals Act section 11 allows the CCALAB to establish Rules respecting practice and procedure to facilitate the just and timely resolution of matters before it.

As any changes to the Rules respecting the practices and procedures for the Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board are made, they will be posted to this page. These practices and procedures are to be followed during the appeal process. Any question of procedure that arises during a hearing and is not provided for in these Rules will be decided by the Panel Chair .

The Rules may be amended from time to time and as required by the CCALAB.

The CCALAB is required to make its decisions in writing, give reasons for those decisions, and make them accessible to the public.  As such, the CCALAB publishes its decisions on the website in accordance with the CCALAB Decision Publication Policy.


These are the forms referred to in the CCALAB Rules.

Form 1 [Rule 17(1)] — Summons to a Witness

Practice Directives

The Administrative Tribunals Act section 12 requires that the board issue practice directives respecting:

  • the usual time period for completing an application and for completing the procedural steps within an application, and
  • the usual time period within which the tribunal’s final decision and reasons are to be released after the hearing of the application is completed.

Below you will find links to the CCALAB practice directives. Additional practice directives will be posted as they are issued.

Practice Directive #1 – Usual Time Periods for Completing Appeals and Issuing Decisions

Practice Directive #2 – Recording of Hearings and Ordering Transcripts

Practice Directive #3 – Electronic Hearing Practice and Procedure