New Notice of Appeal and Code of Conduct

I am excited to announce that the Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board (the “Board”) has updated its Notice of Appeal form and introduced a new Participants Code of Conduct, effective March 28, 2024.

The new Notice of Appeal form has been updated in two areas. First, it now provides additional context for why the Board asks appellants and representatives to identify their pronouns.

The new form also asks appellants if there are any specific issues that may impact the handling of their appeal, such as diverse abilities requiring accommodation, the need for an interpreter, or any requests that culturally specific process or practices be incorporated into the handling of their appeal. Appellants (and other parties) can also raise these issues privately.

The new Participants Code of Conduct applies to all parties, representatives, participants, and interveners (collectively referred to as “Participants” and individually referred to as a “Participant” in the document). The Code explains the rights and responsibilities of those appearing before the Board, to ensure that appeals proceed fairly, efficiently, and accessibly. The Code also describes steps that the Board can take where individuals fail to act appropriately during appeal processes.

The Board expects to continue revising these documents and welcomes feedback as this process continues.

Lynn McBride, Chair
Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board