Prepare for a Hearing

How to Prepare for a Hearing before the Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board

The first step in getting ready for a hearing is to prepare your Statement of Points.  This is a written outline and explanation of your case and any Evidence you will use in the appeal.  The CCALAB usually requires all parties to submit a Statement of Points to the Board and all participants well in advance of a hearing.

A hearing before the CCALAB may be conducted in-person, in writing, by telephone, or by video-conference.  The parties will usually be consulted prior to the Board deciding on the style of hearing.

Below you will find some general information to assist you in preparing for a hearing before the CCALAB.

The information sheets provide general information and fill in some of the details about certain Tribunal practices and policies which may not be set out in the legislation or the Rules.  However the information sheets are a substitute for the legislation or Rules.

Please see for additional information and videos to help prepare for a hearing.